ECM Coffee Machines

ECM espresso machine

ECM coffee machines come with style and quality which have made these coffee machines centre pieces of many modern kitchens. These hand-crafted professional espresso machines meet all the highest standards demanded by real coffee drinkers.

ECM coffee machines are distributed Australia wide by Supreme Coffee Machines

  • High-quality materials and professional components in a body of polished stainless steel
  • Compact construction with high-quality copper/ stainless boiler (2.1 l)
  • With the thermosyphon system, only fresh water from the water tank is used for coffee preparation
  • Coffee, milk froth and hot water can be dispensed simultaneously

We supply a range of ECM coffee machines Australia can be proud of. With Australians moving more and more to a coffee culture, making your own ECM coffee is the way to go. 

Our ECM range of coffee machines is one of our best sellers with many advantages: 


  • Solid chrome plated ECM brewing group with a small lever action control to start and stop the espresso extraction.
  • The lever on the group head allows the operator to pre-infuse the coffee with water from the heat exchanger.
  • With the heat exchanger/thermosyphon system, only fresh water from the water tank is used for the espresso extraction.
  • Body made of polished stainless steel.
  • Compact construction with Copper/ Stainless boiler. The larger the boiler, the more steaming capacity the user has for entertaining and superior temperature stability over machines with smaller boilers.
  • High quality heating element produced with a stainless steel flange.
  • Boiler safety valve on top of boiler opens if the boiler goes into overpressure.
  • Dual safety thermostats.
  • Portafilter holder made of solid brass and plastic handle with ability to hold 58mm type baskets.
  • Insulation on side walls only so heat can transfer to cup warmermore easily.
  • The espresso extraction, frothed milk, and hot water can be dispensed simultaneously.

Please view our range of LaCimbali coffee machines and then contact our friendly team at Supreme Coffees for any more information.