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Supreme Daily Milk Steamer Solution

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Supreme’s 1 litre ” Milk steamer solution” is a solution recommended for the removal of hardened milk scum and for sanitizing  steam arms, automatic frothing devices and milk jugs.

When used daily it breaks down milk protein build up and sanitizes your milk frother ensuring clean fresh milk is delivered.Procedures for using Milk Steamer Solution:

– Mixing ratio: 50ml of solution to 1 litre of water.

– Steam arms: using recommended solution place in a milk jug and steam for approx 1 minute, as you would milk. Remove milk jug and express several shots of steam. Wipe steam arm with clean, damp cloth.

– Auto frothers: run a 1 litre mixture of solution through automatic milk froth mechanism. Repeat process with fresh water.

– Once a week dismantle auto frother and soak in solution, if possible overnight, rince well and reassemble unit.