Mazzer Robur on Demand

mazzer major electronic
Current Price : $3,388.00


Power  900 Watt

Grinding blades  single-phase: ref.186C-Ø 71 mm

Grinding blade speed  420 rpm (50 Hz) and 500 rpm (60 Hz)

Coffee-bean container capacity  1.8 Kg

Ground coffee container capacity  360 g

Dose adjustment  5.5-8 g

Net weight  28 Kg

Mazzer espresso grinders are the most respected brand of commercial quality espresso grinders available. Mazzer is the ideal choice if you are serious about quality coffee.

Combining conical burrs and slower rpm to maximise grind quality and reduce heat transference this is the first choice of coffee purists worldwide. Expect superior performance and significantly lower noise than flat burr grinders.